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Rent a E-Bike -> Ride to your Destination -> Return & Pay

Get Travel with E-Bike at just Rs.1.60 per minute

Get Travel with Fuel Bike at just Rs.2.20 per minute

YOYP gives you the freedom to travel the city with your friends and family at very pocket friendly prices. We Provide you the way to ride freely without wasting the time to wait for Cabs. Book the YOYP Electric Bike and pay the money as per  travel time.
YOYP gives you E-Bike on Rent whether you want to take the E-Bike on Ride and Return basis or just for the one way ride. In this way we provide you the way to reach to your destination without wasting your time and Money.

Book Your Ride

Book your ride just in few clicks.

Get Electrical Bike  

Get your personal Vehicle , Enter OTP in Vehicle dashboard to Unlock the Vehicle and Enjoy your Ride.

Return and Pay  

Park the Vehicle at YOYP station and Pay as per travel time.

Pollution Free Ride 

Hope You Enjoy our Electrical Bike ride, Its 100% Pollution Free.

Key Benefits of YOYP  

  • You Don’t have to wait for long time just like cabs , Just book the ride and Go.
  • Enjoy 100% Pollution Free Ride on YOYP Scooter.
  • Pay as Per Travel Time with E-Bike @1.60 Rs Per Minute.
  • Pay as Per Travel Time with Fuel Bike @2.20 Rs Per Minute.
  • You don’t Have to sit behind any driver , Just unlock the vehicle and ride with your friends and family.
  • you can opt the yoyp vehicle for single way ride or ride and return basis.
  • Ride With YOYP and get extra benefits on future rides.
  • 24 X 7 Customer support service.
  • We have professional team of experts to make your ride more comfortable.

Invest in YOYP

We provide packages to invest in YOYP Electrical Vehicle Business.

Get New E-Bike

You will get new YOYP E-Bike in the package.

Earn Money  

When Your YOYP Vehicle is used by the customers you will earn Money and profit in your investment.